Vape shop

Ever wonder why so many people vape? Come in and we’ll educate you on all the reasons why. We’ve got an entire section dedicated to all the pieces and chargers for different style vapes. If you need a new one don’t fret–we’ve got plenty of those too.

In addition to selling vapes and their associated accessories, we sell carrying cases big enough to hold all of your gear. Don’t forget to check the Dime Bags out, or the handmade bags from Maine located next to our silicone pieces.

The Tried and True

This pen-sized device discreetly charges with a USB plug. If you want a fun device at a great price, try a Kind Pen!


Let’s Get Vaping

Dual coil, 3-in-1,  pen style construction models are more popular among the moderately serious vaping crowd. Attachments allow for compatibility with Dry Herb, Wax, and Oil.

The Big One

You’re pretty much holding a battery at this point. These bad boys will give you a top quality vaping experience that lets you crank up the heat.

Light It All Up

If you vape and need some supplies, come check us out. We have a lot of vapes and accessories to offer you that enhance the experience.

Visit us

We are open 7 days a week, serving Peace Dale-Wakefield for 15 years and counting. Stop by the ONLY smoke shop in Rhode Island.

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